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Raves 'n' Reviews


Mass Hole Mommy
: "I absolutely recommend D-n-D Ranch Aromas for anyone who loves candles"

New Age Mama
D-n-D Ranch Aromas candles "give even the most popular brands a run for their money. And the prices are much more reasonable."

"This is the best candle I have ever had and I'm now saying no to Yankee Candles and yes to D-n-D."

Survey Junkie: "I am so happy that I found D-n-D Ranch Aromas, it's like I found a buried treasure."

Confessions of an Overworked MOM
"Candles from D-n-D Ranch Aromas
provide an amazing scent that really lasts!"

MOM~E~CENTRIC: "My kids came home ... asking if I had cooked ... I could never put together something that tasted as good as that candle smelled."

Scraps of Life
"If you like candles this is your one stop for online shopping."

Mommy Blessings in Small Bundles
: D-n-D Ranch Aromas has "high quality scents at a low price! They are heavenly!"

Savey Spender: "I don't have to leave it lit long to have a great scent throughout my home and the scent stays for a while after the candle is put out."

The Cartoon Lovin' Momma: "I have yet to find a 'high dollar' brand that has a scent that the hubby and I agree on but in one shot D-n-D Ranch Aromas nailed it."

Momma Told Me...
: "I love how long the fragrance lingers, and how smooth and even the candle burns."

Flip Flop Reviews
: "I actually started to get hungry and contemplated blowing it out for that reason alone!"

The Thrifty Things
"Oh My Goodness! did it deliver on my qualifications."

Networking Witches: "The soft glow and the scent were perfect to chase away the dulldrums ... Thank you for the great candle."

Mary's Cup of Tea: "D-n-D Ranch Aromas have so many scents to choose from it will just blow your mind."

Smiling, Happy D-n-D Ranch Aromas customers :

I am just amazed every time I burn your candles, how long they go and how awesome they smell. Actually, the one I took from your office the other day went for 11 hours that day, and I lit it at noon today - it is 9:45 and still going...wax is just below 1/2.  That's the tin that is decorated with the tree.  Any way ... I just think it is important you know how awesome they are!!!

- Sheri, Colorado Springs

WOW! I can't get over how nice your candles burn. I've never had a candle that burns so even and doesn't leave a lot of wax on the sides of the jar.
My absolute favorite are the tarts - they are fantastic. I burn them all the time.

Donna, Henderson, NV

I wasn't even BURNING the candle and people were stopping by!
The Rustee's Roasted Cinnamon is such a big hit here.
It's one of my favorite scents.
I think you'll be sold out if our front desk ladies come by your store. :o)
You work hard, and provide a product of unrivaled quality
and people need to know that!

- Kelsey, Colorado Springs

The anniversary basket I ordered was very nice and had wonderful scents.
The stuffed animal that came with it was a nice touch. The order was simple to do
and it arrived earlier than I thought. And guys, the Mrs. was very surprised and
liked the fact that it was different and had some thought behind the gift.

- Roger, Houston

As the proud mom of four precious little ones, anything with their picture on it is gold to me. I received a D-n-D candle for my birthday with their lovely faces on the keepsake tin. I was pleasantly surprised when I first burned the candle and it smelled heavenly. There was no frilly scent that you got a whiff of as you walked by - it was a deep aroma that pleasantly filled the room without being overpowering. My house had a great homey "glow" for the eyes and the nose! I had friends over that evening and all of them wanted to know where they could get a candle of their own! I look forward to enjoying all of the flavors!

- Lisette, San Antonio

I am so excited about these candles. I have not found a better quality candle yet.
These last so much longer than others and there is such a wide variety of fragrances
available. I have told everyone about them and everyone is so excited to try them.
You have a wonderful product, Michelle, and I'm sure it will take you far.

- Dawn, Ellicott City, MD

Michelle - I love your candles. You have such a variety and they are all long-lasting, comforting and relaxing fragrances. D-n-D Ranch Aromas candles make any room you walk in more inviting and they make excellent gifts for any occasion. Michelle's candles are well-crafted with original fragrances to please any and all senses.

- Alycea, Hartford, CT

I burn your candles all the time and just love them. My friends and family rave and say they're the best candles they've ever smelled. My whole house smells awesome.
I will no longer buy from anywhere or anyone else!  I'm hooked.

- Sheri, Colorado Springs

As an avid candle buyer, I have learned to identify the good from the not-so-good fairly easily. D-n-D Ranch Aroma's candles are some of the best I have ever had the pleasure of burning. Not only are they beautiful to look at, the aromas are phenomenal. Another big plus is the fact that they burn evenly when so many popular candle brands do not. Michelle is also great about introducing new fragrances year-round. I can't wait to see what is next!

Cindy, Houston

D-n-D Ranch Aromas candles are the only candles I have found yet
to smell up my WHOLE house.

- Karen, Colorado Springs

We enjoy D-n-D Ranch Aroma candles so much that we’ve given them to friends and family members as gifts for just about any occasion.  These candles burn smoothly and the aroma blends are a fabulous fragrance for any room.

Judith, Omaha

I received a special gift of D-n-D Ranch Aromas candles on my birthday this year. My husband threw a big bash to celebrate my 50th and I received the usual gifts from my friends, but the customized candle tin with my picture on it and the luscious "birthday cake" candles and tart warmer are extra-special to me.Thank goodness the good friend that gave it to me was thoughtful enough to put a flattering picture of me on the tin, so I love keeping it out at home for our friends to see. The tarts were customized with words like "Happy Birthday" and "50" on them. Those are stored in a pantry that smells like birthday cake every time I open it. I haven't found any other candles that have a stronger and better aroma than these.There is something about a personalized gift like this that makes it memorable. Knowing that my friend cared enough to think ahead and do this for me, made it all the more special. I'm glad to find Michelle and look forward to passing it on!

- Christye, Lubbock

Michelle - your candles are always a topic of conversation in my home
I always have one going, and always get complimented on how nice the house smells - and now that it is fall, your fall scents are over-the-top incredible! I can't get enough - obviously - I stop by every other week to re-stock!  It might be a bad thing for you that they last a long time ... cause otherwise I would be in every week!!! 
Thanks for the
added coziness in my home!

- Sheri, Colorado Springs

FROM OUR FACEBOOKERS (aka D-n-D Wranglers) ...

"My husband came home last night and said 'Whatever that is, it smells amazing!' Thank you D-n-D Ranch Aromas for filling our home with inviting aromas :)" - Brenda Nease
- - - - -
"Do you still have Rustee's Roasted Cinnamon? I've been ratiioning myself for the last year, and I'm down to my last inch ... I won't make it through the fall/winter without it, lol! :)" - Kelsey Worstell

"Yes Kelsey - Rustee's Roasted Cinnamon is still available and I have some on the shelves - I am also adding a Cinnamon Bread that is fantastic - it's a fall scent - and a Cinnamon Chai for Christmas." - Chief Candle Creator Michelle Duncan

"I am so happy I could cry. :) It's my favorite, and my little one loves how it smells too. I don't know what I'd do if I ran out!"
- - - - -
"Love, love, love the CARomas ... just got an order this week ... I had Michelle choose for me and am so very pleased! Thank you, Michelle ... you are the greatest!" - Leanna G. Morris

- - - - -
"First you get me hooked on your candles and now I'm really digging the soap I just used ... what are you going to do to me next? You're awesome! (What you do AND you as a person!)" - Stacey Null-Turnbull
- - - - -
"I was in the other day and bought Lilac Blooms and the Lavender soaps ... mmmmmmmm ... my senses and skin just LOVE them! Can't wait to get more! I'm hooked! LOL" - Joyce Casados

- - - - -
"Sitting here, watching Big Brother After Dark (thank you Showtime!), and burning my delicious Queen B candle ... oh, it is SO yummy! Thank you Michelle!" - Jennifer Rowena Sweet

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