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BobbeeJo's Brown Sugar BlendBoomer's Boastful Bamboo

BobbeeJo's Brown Sugar Blend
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BobbeeJo's Brown Sugar Blend


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Warm and Fabulous! Caramelized brown sugar paired with ripened figs, smooth coconut, and a touch of amber. Cozy and Enticing!

Candle smells like: Brown Sugar Fig
Candle color: Honey

About BobbeeJo - miniature donkey. We got a call about BobbeeJo when she was just 3.5 months old asking if we would take her, otherwise she would be put to sleep due to her deformity. Of course we're going to take her - she deserved a chance! BobbeeJo didn’t develop properly in her back rectum/vaginal area. When we took her in she was very, very sick. She doesn’t have a tail and she went to the bathroom from one area of her backend. We had several surgeries performed on her to reconstruct her ‘area’ so she would be as normal as possible and get healthy. Her surgies worked and she’s healthy and happy. She does have severely deformed feet but we keep her as comfortable as we possibly can. She has that will and is such a love bug. If she could come inside our home and hang out with me all day she would be perfectly happy doing so. If her feet were in better shape I would probably take her to nursing homes, she is an excellent therapy donkey and just the sweetest girl ever! She’s comical, friendly, loves attention and just an absolute doll. She gives the biggest hugs and she would get in your truck if you let her. She doesn’t like me too far out of her site. She’s my darling girl and I’m so happy to have her in my life. She’s truly special. It's 2017 and she's now 10 years grateful to have her and so incredibly grateful we were given the chance to save her life. Honestly, if I could take her everywhere I go, I know she would love it as much as I would but unfortunately traveling would be hard on her. She is AWESOME - one of my favorite girls!

Customer Reviews:

Christmas  (Thursday, 16 February 2017)
Rating: 5
This is such a warm, lightly sweet scent. I asked michelle to make a matching soap for me as well. I don't know how she discovers her scents, I'm just
glad she does! Don't forget to try the lip balm!

Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 January 2018 19:18