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Coco's Cafe Cappuccino
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Coco's Cafe Cappuccino


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Indulge yourself with this fabulous French Roast and Irish Crème blend. Delicious, rich, roasted coffee beans, oak aged liquor, smooth, sweet vanilla crème and light hints of velvety chocolate. Absolutely delicious!

Candle smells like: Irish Creme Coffee blend
Candle color: Brown

About COCO - miniature horse. Coco was given to us by a dear friend who breeds miniature horses and decided she would retire Coco from having babies. Coco and I have a special bond. Coco has never been real sure about people but she has learned to trust. Before given to us she had to be sedated to get her feet done, and she was very difficult to catch. She is just one of those horses that is not people oriented. She is the alpha of her miniature herd here in our family. She has learned a lot. I can walk out to wherever she is and halter her and she no longer runs (as long as it's just me catching her and she doesn't see anyone else we are just fine). She has learned being caught and handled is a good experience. She doesn't have to be sedated to get her feet done but we do have to have her haltered and on a lead rope before she sees our farrier for trimming, otherwise she will run and it will be hard to catch her. She's a momma's girl and I can do anything with her and she's beautiful and sweet as can be - she trust me fully. Hanging with mom means being brushed and getting lots of hugs and kisses and treats too!….although I do all this without a halter too but have taught her being haltered is a good experience. She’s special, she really is a sweet girl and loves being groomed and just hanging out with her herd and when I'm in the area she's right there by my side. She's always been a 'chunky' girl - I'm hoping this year we can get her trimmed down a bit and enjoy our workouts together. I love her......and she’s my girl!

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