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Charlotte's Charismatic CucumberChikkee's Cherry Craze

Charlotte's Charismatic Cucumber
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Charlotte's Charismatic Cucumber


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This scent is so wonderful! Clean, fresh, uplifting cucumber with mint and a very light hint of lime added to this wonderful scent makes it delightful!

Candle smells like: Cucumber Mint
Candle color: Light Mint Green

About CHARLOTTE - one of our chickens. The sweetest girl. A dear friend of mine gave me Charlotte. Charlotte was in a tub of chickens and because she is so sweet and docile she unfortunately got picked on. Severe damage to her head. My friend nursed her to back to health to save her and she asked me if I take on the challenge. Charlotte is thriving and she's super sweet. She still has a bald head where she was severely pecked but she has healed and I am not sure if she will ever regain feathers on her head but she is healthy and happy. During the time I took on the challenge of saving Charlotte, I felt so bad that she was all alone and so I got her a newborn baby chicken in hopes it would help her with confidence and definitely wouldn't get picked on. Freesia, the baby chick I got for Charlotte, became inseparable, I really think she thought Charlotte was her momma and I was so happy. Charlotte is on the smaller side and Freesia is actually now bigger than Charlotte but it's so remarkable how things work out. Charlotte and Freesia were in our bathroom for about 3 months as I was hoping Charlotte would regain feathers on her head but she didn't, so eventually they had to go into the barn. Charlotte is doing great and she is the sweetest of them all. As soon as I sit down on the bench she is right there by my side. Freesia and Charlotte are always roosting together and I am so happy that Freesia has taken on the role of a protector. She protects Charlotte but none of our chickens have tried to peck her and hurt her so that makes my heart happy. Charlotte is a sweetheart and I'm so glad she made it. She's happy and very loved. My husband always says he likes her coloring. I think Charlotte is his favorite. She's a sweetie!


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Last Updated: Thursday, 14 December 2017 20:38