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Chikkee's Cherry Craze
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Chikkee's Cherry Craze


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The irresistible scent of mouth watering, juicy black cherries. A true black cherry scent. Fabulous!

Candle smells like: Black Cherries
Candle color: Dark Red

About CHIKKEE - Sweetest chicken ever! Our very first chicken. Chikkee's personality was awesome. She would roost in the big horses barn and if I didn't come out in the morning soon enough she would be on our back porch talking up a storm until I came out. She would jump on the wheelbarrel while I cleaned. During the spring/summer months she would go around with me to each water bucket and I have a net to clean out the bugs that might have flown in and she would eat all the bugs off the net. When our dogs would run our property, Chikkee was right behind them running too. She always sat with me on the bench we have on our porch or in the mini area. She is the reason we fell in love with chickens. They have such awesome personalities. Not all chickens are like her but that's ok - each one has their own personality and I'm ok with that - she was one special girl though. She was always curious no matter what you were doing she was right there making sure she didn't miss anything. I loved her dearly. We had her for a few years before she passed. Although I love my chickens dearly, if I could have her personality in all of them, I think I would probably have 100 chickens so it's probably a good thing they're all different in their own way.

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