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Bubba's Buttery Caramel
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Bubba's Buttery Caramel


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A rich, indulgent caramel with a touch of sweet coconut, caramelized sugar, and silky caramel vanilla. A sprinkle of salt creates this irresistible scent of deliciousness!

Candle smells like: Caramel
Candle color: Honey

About BUBBA - black and white pot bellied pig. We got Bubba because I thought it would be great to have a pig. When we picked up Bubba from the 'breeder', I held him in my arms and rocked him and he fell asleep the entire ride home. He too was hand raised in our bathroom for about five months where I spent lots of time with him to form a very special bond. He would sit on my lap and cuddle - a little too big to do that now. After he turned 5.5 months old he was then taken out toe the mini's area and barn. I loved having a pig inside but I really thought he would be much happier being outdoors and being a pig. It was hard to let him go outside in the beginning - hard for me anyway - but he was very happy being and outdoor pig - I think it was more traumatic for me to move him outside than it was for him. He ran and ran and ran. We still have a very special bond. He's a little spoiled I guess you could say. He's able to roam outside the gated area if he wants to but he prefers to stay inside his area and lay in the loafing shed while all the others eat. Bubba LOVES being brushed, he will follow me everywhere if I have a brush in my hand. He, nor our other pigs, do not like getting his feet done, it doesn't take very long, but as soon as we're finished it's as though it never happened and he's happy again. He talks all the time. He's fun. I love it when he squeals when it's dinner time and bedtime, it's the cutest sound. I'm sure he would not agree but I love it! He's my boy and I adore him.

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Last Updated: Thursday, 14 December 2017 19:05